Regional Blood Centre Jamshoro
Government of Sindh



Transfusions of all blood components are being requested from the Blood Transfusion laboratory on an individual named patient basis from medical staff when needed. Only trained and competent staff collect blood from transfusion laboratory.

All blood components are logged and recorded throughout the process of transfusion to provide ‘vein to vein’ traceability ensuring that each blood component is handled and stored correctly, given to the right patient for the right reasons and that records are retrievable in compliance with Blood Safety and Quality Regulations (2005).

Blood transfusion process is started as soon as after the blood component’s arrival in the clinical area. If a delay in starting the transfusion is likely to happen, the blood is immediately be returned to the Blood Transfusion Laboratory refrigerator (within 30 minutes of removal) until just prior to the transfusion.

The transfusion of each unit of the red blood cells should be completed within four hours of the start of the transfusion. If a unit is not fully transfused within four hours, its use is discontinued and disposed of the remainder through the clinical waste system.

During the entire process of blood transfusion, patients are under regular visual observation and they are being asked to report any potential adverse effects including shivering, rashes, flushing, and shortness of breath or pain in the extremities or loins.