Regional Blood Centre Jamshoro
Government of Sindh



Blood and blood products will be supplied by the regional blood centre to the HBB while maintaining the cold chain during transportation. Once the blood and blood components (red cells, FFPs and platelets) reached at HBB, they are then stored at different temperatures for optimum storage. Plasma is stored at -3°C or below, platelets at 20-24°C with agitation, while whole blood and RBC concentrates are stored at 2-6°C.

Refrigerator and freezer cabinets are being used for storage of blood and blood components by allowing 75 mm of space between the cabinets and 50 mm between the cabinets and walls to permit heat dissipation. The equipment used for storage of blood and blood components is listed below:

  • Blood storage cabinet (4°C ± 2°C)
  • Plasma Freezer (-30°C or below)
  • Platelet incubator with agitator (22°C ± 2°C)

Storage area is usually close to the reception counter of HBB for easy access to put in or take out blood and components from the cabinets and the HBB manager is responsible for inventory management in the hospital blood bank.