Regional Blood Centre Jamshoro
Government of Sindh

Serology and TTI Screening

Serology and TTI Screening

Once the blood is collected, the testing laboratory receives blood sample from the donor department (fixed site and mobile teams). It conducts mandatory testing of all donor blood for blood group serology and infectious disease markers, and statistical sample based in-process quality control testing for blood and blood products.

Testing of donor blood:

The testing laboratory carries out automated and/or manual testing on donor samples for:

  1. Blood group serology: determine ABO and Rh D group; detection of unexpected antibodies to red cell antigens;
  2. Infectious disease markers: according to national regulations – donor blood must be screened for transfusion transmittable infections such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, syphilis and other agents as appropriate, e.g. malaria.