Regional Blood Centre Jamshoro
Government of Sindh



The blood donor mobilization is performed to develop programs that aim to create awareness about the importance of the voluntary donation among the population. This work should not only ensure the necessary amount of donors, but also enhance the donations profile, improving the quality standards of the collected and transfused blood.

One part of the blood donor mobilization steps is to enlarge blood donorship awareness among such prospective donors through general, non-individual actions. Another part of mobilization typically involves both individual and non-individual actions that should get prospective donors to actually become donors.

Blood establishments use a wide variety of different recruitment methods which involves:

  1. Commercials on national TV
  2. Donor-recruits-donor
  3. Commercials on national radio
  4. Direct mail campaigns
  5. Telephone actions

Once the donors have been mobilized to Regional Blood Centre, the next step is to ensure that the blood supply is as safe as possible. For the, all donors must meet specific eligibility criteria outlined by the Food and Drug Administration, accrediting organizations such as AABB, and individual donation centers. To donate, individuals must be at least 18 years old, healthy and feeling well on the donation day. In addition, donors must meet weight and hemoglobin level requirements.